Surrounding one’s self with family…

April 1, 2007 at 10:22 pm (Sweet sticky things, The Easy Chair)

Even under the best circumstances, sometimes things don’t work out. I have been in a relationship for two years, and of late, things haven’t been so good. It once was a beautiful thing, and ended as sweet as could possibly be. She’s a strong, wonderful woman, and I will miss her fiercely. But now, who do I scribble my silly thoughts to? Who will I spend time with, commiserating, saying “Remember when?” etc…

That would be you, dear reader.

I’m going to spend a lot of time with the family the next few weeks, as well

You probably know them; Tony, Carmela, Christofuh, Paulie. (Big Pussy couldn’t make it, neither could Adrianna. Dang.) That’s right, one more week until that whack-y family you love to watch implode, The Sopranos, are coming back to wrap up the series.

When I met the girl I’m now pining over, she had not seen an episode. It’s not really her style. She’s soft, thoughtful, intelligent, and fortunately for me, curious. Thanks to a gnarly leg injury, I was bedridden for a couple of weeks, so I dug out the old bootlegged-off-cable VHS tapes from the first season, and we curled up in her room. She was quickly hooked, and within a month, we were all mobbed up.

When season six approached, I groaned about how I’d have to upgrade from the cable-through-the-wall to an actual digital box, oh the expense! etc… What does she do? She wires the place for cable, and that’s when Sunday nights became TV nights. We did not miss an episode.

Of course, we could not wait and break up three months from now, and now I am back at my own hovel, where digital cable was a distant memory. But, thanks to a sweet-voiced cable operator and an installer who resembles Billy Gibbons, I now have HBO. All 11 channels.

And, while I miss the girl, I will be distracted by the Jersey crew as they go about their final days. I’m sure she’ll be watching, and I’m sure we’ll compare notes and conspiracy theories.

Apparently I must have rubbed off on her a little bit. The last thing she gave me was a butcher knife…


  1. Betsy said,

    Weeelll…you know the gift was devoid of symbolism at the time, right? Right…?

  2. beastard said,

    Ahem, I consider the fact that it’s still wrapped to be a good sign.

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