April 4, 2007 at 12:50 am (Sweet sticky things)

earworm (plural earworms)

  1. A tune that is stuck in one’s head, especially as unwanted or repetitive.

During the early stages of my recent domestic turmoil, I was infected several times with the aforementioned affliction. The first to strike, and refuse to go away, was Don Henley’s Heart of the Matter. I had not heard that song, except maybe in Muzak form, for months. Another? Blood, Sweat and Tears’ You Made Me SO Very Happy. I hated that song anyway. To have it in my head during such a bummer time in no way helped my mood.

Some weren’t so bad. The Red Hot Chili Peppers Dani, California, which I liked, suddenly became an anthem of sadness. I managed to get over that one.

Lysergik Funeral Procession, and Beautifully Depressed, two incredibly heavy songs from the southern metal group Down, were welcome sludge to my already-addled brain. Jerry Cantrell’s Anger Rising was another. Again, songs I hadn’t heard in ages, but they came out of nowhere, for me to hum, or more realistically, to scream internally.

In relationships past, I would have broken out the Motorhead. Or Guns & Roses, even. (They write lovely songs about burying girlfriends in their back yard.) But this anger isn’t aimed at the lady in question. I don’t know who or what I’m mad at. I’m just mad.

So fucking mad…

It beats the bawling mess I was a week ago. It’s on its way out. I’m healing, I think.

But then I look at the TV, see a claymation cookie singing Human League’s Don’t You Want Me Baby?, and know I’ll be snapping when I awaken to that at 5 AM.

So, dear friends, I have the solution. When you absolutely, positively can’t get Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head out of your head, try this-

Start singing the theme from Gilligan’s Island. It works!

At least for a while…

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  1. Freddie said,

    I added you to my favorites…because you are.



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