Obscured by clouds… NOT!

April 6, 2007 at 10:02 am (Cussed Dumbers, Sweet sticky things)

It’s been a dreary winter and spring, here in the Pacific Northwest. Growing up, it seemed like it always rained. My childhood years were spent at the foothills of the mountain, 1,000 feet or so above sea level. With the exception of mid-summer, I would see clouds every day.

With the recent domestic turmoil, the clouds have been internal. Sure, the weather has been shitty, but I’ve taken comfort in that. It makes the black cloud around me seem not quite so noticeable. Unless you know me. Those who do know me keep asking, in vague, roundabout ways, “Are you all right?”

Short answer- maybe. The last couple of days, I’ve been waking to optimism, instead of tsunamis of sadness. Work has been okay. The cussed-dumbers haven’t been too irritating. Although, on the first seventy-degree day of spring, a broken ice cream freezer can lead to an amazing amount of stoopid questions. “Your ice cream is melted? Can I get it half-price?” One fun-loving gal I work with sold a guy a $2.59 Haagen-Daz bar, only to watch it fall off the stick onto the sidewalk. “I told ya…” she said. Sorry, no refunds.

The place I work is in the nightclub district, near an upscale mall. Lots of office workers, secretaries. Above the store is a nightclub, a radio station, and band rehearsal spaces. There are multitudes of beautiful women about, and when the weather gets warm, the outfits get skimpier, more skin is shown, the smiles seem bigger. (My smiles can be ear to ear, depending on the skimp factor…) After nine hours of helping pretty young things (and the occasional meatball boyfriend) get their swerve on, it’s time for my weekend.

So, I’m up three hours early, been grocery shopping, paid the bills down to where I have just $10 in the bank, and now I wait until the paychecks roll out. Dang, that means I’ll have to go downtown. Gee, I wonder if there will be any sharp-dressed women around?

The cherry on top of it all? I’ve been invited out to dinner Saturday night! (It’s been about three weeks. What? You expected me to become an old maid?) My nerves are still pretty raw, but this sounds comfortable. She’s an old friend, who knows pretty much everything about me. She’s been going through the same thing recently, so we can compare notes, and offer a sympathetic shoulder to cry on if necessary. It sounds perfectly wonderful, and I’m stoked.

Sunday night? I have business in the evening. With some friends of ours…

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