I’m no rat…

April 8, 2007 at 9:42 pm (The Easy Chair)

…so if you want to know what happened on The Sopranos tonight, I suggest you get a subscription to HBO. This year, the episodes aren’t ‘falling off a truck’: no VCDs of screeners are being passed around. Download? I have dial-up. I’m doing it old-school, and paying for it. And unless you’ve seen it, I ain’t talking.

Of course, I was there, ten minutes early. I saw the red carpet party, the HBO teasers, the wrap-up of the first part of season six. And I watched, trying not to blink. These are not reruns. Much like real life, one never knows who will survive the episode. Much like the early years, I will probably watch a couple more times this week, and have the episode committed to memory. But I will avoid all previews, and won’t read the capsules of upcoming episodes. I trust the family to do right by me.

Another benefit of seeing it as soon as it airs? I won’t have to dodge all the AM talk shows, newspaper articles, etc… that will be discussing this, the water-cooler story of the week for the next couple of months. When I was watching new episodes ‘off the truck’, (poor quality VCDs I would get about Wednesday) I would be spending half the day walking around with fingers in my ears, singing “LA LA LA LA LA…”

Perhaps the worst offenders? The gals on The View! I couldn’t watch until mid-week without picking up some kind of spoiler. (Of course, Star Jones was on at that time, and it just hasn’t been the same since she left.) So, if I’m awake, I will roll over and see if the gals watched, how offended they got, and if Rosie is a fan or not. (Confession: I don’t watch The View like I used to. There was a time I would know if she were or not…)

One thing I noticed in the closing credits: Dominic Chianese Jr had a screen credit. That would be Corrado Soprano’s (AKA Uncle Junior) offspring.

So, does that make him Uncle Junior Junior?

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