And now, weekend update, with cheddar cheese…

April 16, 2007 at 11:12 am (The Easy Chair)

Aah, what a glorious weekend! Although it’s Monday, I am ready to face the world once again. The proper mixture of amusement, rest, and attention to family duty has left me in that place one hopes for on a Monday. At least until someone comes along to screw it up.

Friday, I left the house just long enough to score a Papa Murphy’s pizza. Caught a ride with my brother-in-law, and we cruised to 82nd and SE Powell, Portland’s most dangerous traffic intersection. We escaped unscathed, although a traffic cop gave us a good, hard look. (Old car, two old hippies driving; but The Man left us alone.)

Just before that, a young man with a clipboard was not so lucky. As I stood with my niece and sister in their front yard, admiring their gardening efforts, the previously mentioned young man approached, stood opposite the picket fence, and listened. Our conversation ceased, and I stared at him, a “Whattdayawant???” kind of thing. He stared back, somewhat slack-jawed, so my young niece, not one to mince words, asks, ‘Sooo, what do you want already?”

My sister smirked, and took the dog back into the house, calling my niece as well. I cocked an eye at the kid, with my best ‘I’m not in the mood’ look. He said, “I just have a couple of questions. It won’t take long.”

I’m not being paid to talk to strangers, and working downtown leaves me with a distaste for street solicitors, beggars, etc… So I simply say, “I’m not in the mood to answer any questions now. Have a nice day.”

He wouldn’t take the hint, and said, with more persistence, “I SAID it would only take a minute.”

I scowled. “And I said I’m not fucking interested! Jesus fucking Christ!” I stomped into the house, slammed the door, and saw him scurrying off, looking for his ride, I hope.

Three deep breaths later, I am okay. I spent the evening curled up in my room, watching various forms of sports, and avoiding humanity for the most part.

Saturday brought new adventure. I have a friend who just bought a new car, and any excuse to go for a ride is a good one for me. She invited me to ride along to the mega-electronics store in Wilsonville, about half an hour south of Portland. Wahoo! Since I had gift certificates to this place, a resounding ‘Hell yeah!’ was heard throughout the valley.

Upon arrival, there’s a clearance bin, and I mindlessly picked up a CD, and started laughing. Don Imus has been in the news a lot lately, regarding disparaging comments about black women. I’m not gonna touch that hot potato, but when I saw this, I had to laugh, and decided it was worth a dollar-

I haven’t listened to it, and may never. Gotta love irony, though.

After spending a while wandering this Costco of electronics, we returned to Portland for a mediocre Chinese dinner. (Why are the places I suggest always the sucky ones?) Breakfast was much nicer; we went to The Screen Door, on East Burnside. Southern comfort food. My friend had chicken and waffles, and I had a Cajun scramble. At first I felt ripped off, but it was delicious, and more filling than it looked. (I’m still getting chicken and waffles next time, and yes, there will be a next time.)

Of course, there were things that tested my patience, but I choose not to dwell on those. I’ll have plenty to piss me off when I get to work, I’m sure. Might as well expend some of this rage on those who deserve it…

So, for now, I will say this for the first of many times today-

Have a nice day!

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