Rollin’ on 4-20…

April 20, 2007 at 4:50 pm (The Easy Chair)

Aah, a day off.

I don’t work that hard, but after a few days the public starts to get on my nerves. A bus ride to downtown isn’t the biggest adventure for me anymore, but if it doesn’t end in going to work, I can deal with it.

Today’s trip, however, does involve stopping by work for a few minutes, to pick up an envelope and make a stop by the bank. (Payday. Wahoo! I wish we could do direct deposit, but that’s not an option.) So an appearance is required, unless I want to be broke all weekend.

As the bus rolls up to 82nd, there is a fellow at the intersection. He’s scruffy, kind of looks like Jughead from Archie comics, only all grown up and strung out. He’s got a removable cast on a club foot, or so it appears. (The women in my life say I’m cynical. Ya think?) He’s holding a sign that says “Hungry and homeless. Anything will be nice.” Except his hand is covering the ‘ry’ in hungry, and I get a case of the giggles. I’m almost tempted to toss him a dollar. Almost.

The bus ride is quiet. Work? Not so much. Doctor T, the manager of the store that houses store headquarters, is working on a cash register receipt printer, and pandemonium is ensuing with my other co-workers. Dr T has a ‘it’s hard to soar with eagles when you flock with turkeys’ expression, and he stomps off to the back, slamming doors and other things as he goes. I decide to grab a coffee, and come back for my check in a little while…

Cruising the mall, I became transfixed with this new feature in the bottom breezeway, a floor projector that will let you dance, play virtual air hockey or billiards. It’s something my tiny mind will ponder for a couple of days before I break down and ask ‘what and how’ from one of the security guards.

Back at work, things have calmed down. The checks are ready early, so I grab mine and head for the door. On the way out, I ask, “Is Doctor T still here? I need to ask him something.”

Dannyboy says, “He left about half an hour ago. Can I help with something?”

“Nah. He’s working on a project with me, and I was looking for a progress report. I’ll check with him Monday.” I bid adieu, and scurried for the bus.

I hit the bank, the store, and was back on the bus and home in near record time. I scored a dinner I don’t have to cook, a pan of brownies for tonight’s new episode of South Park, and a little extra chocolate, just in case.

I do wish I had seen Doctor T, though. That project? A practical joke on one of our co-workers.

More on this as it develops…

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