Don’t believe everything you read!

May 9, 2007 at 12:27 am (That's not funny...)

Sorry folks, but I’ve been snoped.

The previous story has been, upon further review, subject to much puffery and stretching of facts. And not just by me! Over the course of a week, I’ve gotten bits of scuttlebutt and ‘facts’ from ‘informed sources’. (Please note sarcasm…) While it makes a morbidly amusing story, things didn’t happen quite that way. Sadly, it was just an old-fashioned suicide. I spoke to a police officer who was on the scene.

Some things just aren’t funny. Although those in my circle who witness stupidity on a daily basis wanted the story to be true, they would not have laughed at suicide. Nor would I. I’ve been too close to the edge of the building to know how little it would take to make that final step.

So, instead of pulling the story off of my blog, I am going to leave it. Will I continue telling the story at work?


But, if the story makes the rounds, and becomes the urban legend it seems destined to be?

You heard it here first, kids!

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