“Yo, mad props, Ma…”

May 13, 2007 at 1:48 pm (Sweet sticky things, Waxing Nostalgic)

Happy Mother’s Day, all you, um, mothers.

Most of the women I know and socialize with have had children by now, and a couple of them (sshh, don’t tell anyone) are even grandmothers! Shocking, I know. Where did the time go? Seems like just yesterday they were the hot young things everyone was chasing around the block.

I could easily be a grandfather by now. My daughter is almost 28, and was in free-spirit mode last time I saw her, so anything is possible. The last time we hung out, she, her mother (my ex-wife) and I killed time downtown while they waited for a Blue Oyster Cult concert to start. They consumed a 44 oz Big Gulp full of Jack and Coke, and I told them fun stories relevant to the situation. It was kind of weird, not imbibing with them. Then again, alcohol was the main factor in the dissolution of the marriage, so for once I was showing some common sense.

It’s a scary time when I am the voice of reason.

My mom left this earth about twenty years ago. She was a great gal, and did what she thought best for us kids. She came from a different time, and was more comfortable in the horse and buggy era. Think I’m kidding? My dad was born in 1900, my mom about twenty years later. (They were healthy once upon a time…) Her strict religious beliefs didn’t allow celebrating Mother’s Day, but we always tried doing something nice for her anyway. Her complaint, and solid reasoning, was that you should do these things for the ones you love every day, not just because it’s a specific day on the calendar. It is one of the values I took from childhood and apply when possible today.

The Golden Rule, that whole ‘Do unto others, as you wish them to do unto you’ stuff, is another one I follow. Good one there, mom.

I read the other day that most mothers, when asked what they wanted for Mother’s Day, was quiet time. Solitude. Not being pulled twelve different directions at once. A close friend sends her two kids to their dad’s house every Mother’s Day. What did she do?

“Slept eleven hours and had a Bloody Mary for breakfast.”

Who says moms can’t be fun?…

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