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May 18, 2007 at 10:27 am (The Easy Chair)

For the third time in 24 hours, I’ve dealt with technical turmoil. I’m no whiz-kid when it comes to cumputerin’, but once I fix a problem, I remember how to do it next time. And I usually start with the simplest fix, and work up to complicated.

My first question involved CD burners. Mine hasn’t been cooperating lately, so I called my cyber-mechanic, Freewheelin’. He’s my lifelong best friend, and gave me this computer, and the one before that, and the one before that, and the first one and… well, you get the idea.

When I called his cell phone, I heard him say hello. I started talking, only to get several repeated “Hello?”s followed by some cussing. I went outside, thinking it might be my cell phone. “Can you hear me now?” was funny, considering all the cursing I was getting from his end.

Eventually, he called me back. “Did you just try to call? I have this Bluetooth, and it was unplugged.”

“Yeah, I heard you cussing me…” We had a nice chat, and he gave me some hints about CD burning issues.

Then, upon arriving home last night, and finishing the previous blogpost, my mouse died. It would only move the cursor up and down, not horizontal. I tried installing a wireless mouse, but calls to another techie friend informed me that I needed a plug-in adapter. So I’m off to the One-Stop shopping center.

The cost of the adapter? $24.99. The cost of a brand new mouse? $4.99. $20 for groceries! Yay!

Got home, plugged it in, and we are back in business. Although, I’ve noticed the horizontal action is flickering on the new mouse as well. Time for a new mouse pad? I’ve been using the current one since Xmas 1999. Mr Garrison and Mr Hand, saying, “Well, spank my ass and call me Charlie!” (A present from my then-six year old nephew.) I’d hate to retire it. Any tech wizards with bright ideas could leave me a thought in the comments box- it would be greatly appreciated.

I mentioned a third incident. In the interest of full disclosure, I must point out that I am not the sexual intellectual (i.e. fucking know-it-all) you may think I am. See, in the middle of training the new guy at work last night, I killed the cash register.

I checked power sources, pushed buttons, rebooted. Blank monitor. After exhausting all of my resources, I called the boss. He was nearby, and arrived quickly. He checked a few things, then asked if I’d moved the monitor.

“Yes, it was too far back, so I pulled it forward a few inches. I was careful not to stress the cables.”

“Show me what you did.”

I repositioned the monitor, as I had done before. The boss smiled. He pointed at a small round thing on the side of the new flat-screen monitor. “See that? Watch.” He pushed on it, and like magic, I had a fully illuminated screen!

“What does that button do?” I was thrilled I’d learned some new technical trick.

“It’s called an on/off switch.”

So my trainee immediately felt empowered, and I will be the butt of jokes for a week or so. But, at the moment, super-simple fixes rule the day.

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  1. Himself said,

    My mouse advice: get an optical mouse, and you won’t need a mouse pad anymore.

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