A size 13 4E up your ass…

May 23, 2007 at 12:02 pm (That's not funny...)

This is an atypical post. I’m usually poking gentle fun at the world, but at the moment I am pissed off. More on that in a minute.

First off: welcome, new readers! My readership has spiked the last few days, thanks to friends (and friends of friends) linking my site to theirs. I will be adding their links to my blogroll, so please check them out.



And a special thanks to Betsy, who talked me into and set me up with this whole gig. I owe you a Bloody Mary, at least.

Now, back to business. I’ve got some ranting to do.

I got a call about 5:30 AM, from a family member. She was understandably worried; newscasts were reporting a car fire a few blocks from my house, and she wanted me to check on my brother-in-law. (His car caught fire a few blocks from our house some years back, so we’re touchy on this subject.) I shook away the mental cobwebs and looked around. Bro-in-law was nowhere in sight, but he’s usually gone by that time. So I went to my indoor source, Fox 12 news.

Sure enough, BREAKING NEWS!!! on channel 12 showed a pickup on fire. Officer Tony Martinez was hovering overhead in the helicopter, and showing clips of that truck burning, as well as three others that had gone up around the same time. WTF?

This has been going on for a couple of days now. I’ve heard speculation that it’s ELF, that wonderful organization that brings us log truck fires, ranger station fires, and that stinky hippy Tre Arrow, who shit in a bucket on the side of a downtown building for a month or so, back in the day. If they are trying to gain sympathy for their cause, this is NOT the way to do it. People don’t want to listen, when you are a destructive ASSHOLE.

There’s also a school of thought that once the vehicles, mostly Honda SUV-types, are totaled out, the local U-Pull-It wrecking yards will be flooded with inexpensive parts. This seems like a silly way to go about it, but we don’t call my neighborhood Felony Flats for nothing. Meth does wacky things to ones thought processes, so I rule nothing out.

Who’s doing it? If I knew, I’d be dropping a dime on them. But I do know this; I have walked my neighborhood late at night. Once, our dog got out, and I spent a couple of hours trolling the ‘hood. I have some nice neighbors, and some scary ones. I know what happened when power went out for a couple of days last winter. Our neighborhood watch may not be organized, but it’s there. My neighbors are lower-middle-class, and fiercely protective of what they have. (As am I.) If you mess with someone’s car, feel the crosshairs on your neck, motherfucker…

We’ll be watching.

And now, time to look under my dashboard. I love that the blog has a dashboard. (It’s about as automotive as I get these days.) I love watching the numbers zooming upward. It’s giving this humble boy a swelled head.

And if you want something more humorous, might I recommend these posts-

Slice of life stuff about my job. Working with the public, one never runs out of material.

I hope.


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  1. Betsy said,

    I’d rather have bourbon, as long as you’re buying…!

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