Devil and Angel

May 25, 2007 at 1:10 am (Sweet sticky things)

Temptation raised its pretty head yesterday.

Oregon in the spring, after the gray clouds burn off, is a beautiful thing to behold. While I am sure the sun has shined a few times since mid-September, it doesn’t seem like it. Since the forecast was for sun and 80 degrees, I figured work would be busy. But it’s my Friday, so I can make it through one more day.

I tend to stay up late the last workday of the week, that whole ‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead’ philosophy. After three solid hours, the dog woke me up.

Grr. (Me, not the dog.)

I puttered on the computer until sleepy again, which left about two hours snooze time. Just as the dreams got interesting, the phone rang. I ignored it until the knocking started. Aughh!!

I heard the bro-in-law ask something, and I half-muttered something negative before what he said registered.

Mizelle was on the phone, my world-traveling buddy from across town. A fuzzy hello got the response, “Dang! I thought you’d be up by now. I almost called at nine.”

“I was up at nine,” I recalled dreamily. What time is it? 11:20, said the clock. “What are you up to?” I asked.

“Well,” she said, “I’ve got a candy-apple red Cadillac convertible for the day, and thought maybe you’d like to go for a ride? I’ll buy you lunch…”

Exhilaration was quickly tempered with sad reality. “I have to work. But I’m off tomorrow?”

She groaned. “I’ve only got it today and-” SKEEK, click. “My phone is dying. How about-” Click.

Double damn. I waited a few minutes, then tried calling her cell phone. Straight to voice mail. “Memo to Mizelle: recharge your damn phone! Sorry I can’t go. Your plans for me sounded more fun than my plans for me. Raincheck?”

Fuck damn shit damn fooey!

I haven’t heard back from her yet. There was a time I would not have hesitated to catch a summer flu or kill off a non-existent relative to cruise the countryside with a fun-loving sprite in a big bad Caddy.

Starting to act my age, I guess.

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