Two Moon Junction

June 14, 2007 at 11:55 am (On the road again...)

My work week is about over, thank the gods. There has been more drama, and more heads rolling, than on a certain TV show lately. (Though no head-rolls as dramatic as Phil Leotardo’s messy demise.) People quitting, people not showing at all, people showing and sitting in the back, reading or playing PS2 on the store TV. If I survive one more shift, it’s three days off for me!

A few days ago, I fired off an e-mail into the universe, seeking Mizelle and The Frenchman. “Where are you???…”

I arrived home last night, hostile from catching too many shoplifters, being inundated with drunken conversation on the bus, and knowing I still had one more day to go. I checked e-mail, and there was one that took a long time to download.

Usually this means one of three things. A) My redneck cousin from Idaho is mass-mailing anti-Mexican propaganda, and he has some funny border footage “you’ve gotta see!” B) It’s pictures from my Japanese pen pal. She’s eighteen, smart, gorgeous, funny, and oh so inappropriate for me to crush on, yet I do. She sends me pictures every now and then, tasteful ones of her in Paris, etc… and they take a while to download. (I still do dial-up.) More on her another time.

The third? Mizelle is off on an adventure, and it’s up to me to figure out where. This one was easy. Huge skies, large deep crevasse. And oh my! What’s this?

As I scroll down, whoa! There’s a bristly, fuzz-covered butt winking at me! WTF? I scroll to the right, and two more rosy cheeks are smiling my way. This is not the usual tourist photo…

I download, (no double-entendre intended) and see it is Mizelle and The Frenchman, standing in front of the Grand Canyon, pants around ankles, smiling from both ends at me. The Frenchman is showing a bit more detail than Mizelle, ahem. Mizelle? Her smooth, curvy bottom looks lovely, although it’s difficult to decide which set of cheeks are rosier…

They are on their way home from California, and fun times might happen this weekend.

Do my friends know me or what? First Clairissa, and now Mizelle. Nothing snaps me out of a moody funk like a bit of gratuitous nudity…

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