“I’m prostate with grief”…

June 18, 2007 at 11:58 am (The Easy Chair)

I spent a large part of the weekend watching the final episodes of The Sopranos. I wanted to check it out one more time before putting a bullet in my HBO subscription. Turns out I get free HBO until September, and since I was on a roll, here are a few Monday morning quarterback-type thoughts.

Others have weighed in in spectacular fashion, from the extremely analytical to the psychiatric point of view. (I particularly liked that one. It even taught me how to spell one of my favorite words…) My thoughts have wandered off the beaten path; I had questions and looked for answers within the film.

Who the hell was Carlo? It took a second viewing of the series to be clear on this one. Same with the boys AJ was running with for a while. I’ve figured out who was where and why.

Did anyone notice that the guard at Junior’s asylum was Charles S. Dutton, the motorcycle cop Tony busted balls on a few seasons back? He’s an accomplished actor/director, and did an excellent HBO series called The Corner. Check it out if you can find it.

While looking for the payphone Phil Leotardo was using, the boys went by that gas station from season one, where Tony saw ‘the rat’ while taking Meadow on a tour of colleges. The payphone is gone now…

I found out why Sir Ben Kingsley wasn’t interested in doing Cleaver, thanks to a movie trailer I saw the other day. Fear of type-casting?

Maybe not finally, (I’m still writing about it after all) but did you notice what kind of pizza Tony brought to AJ when he was in the $2,000 a day nut-house?


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