Birds chirping, wind rustling through the leaves…

June 20, 2007 at 1:23 am (The Easy Chair)

…and then the goddamned phone rings!

Or the garbage truck comes. Three times. How much garbage service do we get anyway?

The dog barks at the Jehovah’s Witnesses, who decide not to knock after all. The cats, speed-racing around the living room, knock a stack of magazines off the table. This wakes the kids, who begin watching Spongebob at jet level, enhancing the cacophony.

Summer’s here.

I’ve been taking the early morning quiet for granted. Without school, the youth of today are running wild, and being chased by domesticated animals. The phone calls start about 9 AM. (That’s like 3 AM to you normal folk…) I had no idea these kids were so popular.

Why am I grumbling? Because three hours sleep isn’t enough!! I’m cranky, dagnabbit. Instead of sitting here, typing, I should be sleeping. But *I* don’t go to bed that early. (Three 20 oz mochas didn’t exactly mellow me out, either.) So I poundeth upon the keyboard, and slowly come to the realization that all that crazy noise is what I live for. I remember the week the gang went back east, and how I missed them, worried about them, and how grateful I was when they came home.

So I guess the kids and critters can stay. I’ll get used to them. But hey, Mister Garbageman, can you keep it down, just a little?

The old guy is trying to sleep.

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