It’s (t)raining again…

July 17, 2007 at 11:19 am (Cussed Dumbers)

It started raining on my parade hours before the clouds rolled in.

I had a great weekend. A bit lonesome perhaps; everyone was busy, out of town, otherwise occupied. I made good use of quiet time, but was almost glad when it was time to return to work.

Usually, this week and next are the quiet ones of the month. Food stamps and welfare benefits are running out, so the street quiets down. While it’s not slow, it’s quiet enough that it seems like coasting.

Which fit my mood perfectly. Just gimme your money and move along, thankyouverymuch. I had a stack of four newspapers accumulated over the weekend, and that was how I’d planned to spend my Monday.

I showed up an hour early for coffee, and was met by Grinder McV, the manager. “Marsha broke her leg Sunday, so the boss is hiring people. There’s one in the office, watching the training video.”

“Does this mean-”

I was cut off by the booming voice of Master P, who announced, “Grinder, this is your new guy, he’ll be training here the next three nights.” He looked at me. “With you. Teach him everything.” And poof! Master P was gone.

So was my spirit.

“So, ever work in a store before?” I feigned enthusiasm, poorly.

“Nope! I ran a booth at Saturday Market once.”


It was too early. I took my coffee and wandered off to The Upscale Mall. I found a bench in the corner and sat there, feeling like I wanted to cry. Suddenly, solitude was all I craved.

The upside? The new guy is brighter than he looks, and I now have two days of quality newspaper reading. See, if dealt the proper cards, I can teach the kids to play the game pretty quick. Tonight I’ll be chillin’ on a milk crate, knee-deep in the Sunday O.

After enduring a noisy bus ride, I was about three blocks from home when the first raindrops hit. They felt about the size of a quarter, and warm. I made the porch just as the downpour began.

I opened the window wide, turned off the lights and listened to it come down. Like a cow pissing of a flat rock, my dad used to say. A half-hour or so later, my mellow had returned.

It’s gray this morning, and the pavement is wet. My room is cool for the first time in weeks, it seems. I’ll take a leisurely bus ride to the library, and show up for work about the usual time. What surprises will be in store for me today?

At the moment, I don’t care! I’ve got a new trained monkey to do my bidding. I’ll be sitting in the corner, reading the paper and ignoring you, or so it will seem. But I will be watching.

And those dark gray clouds? They are my friends, and they can hang out here anytime…

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