We must defend our Beaver!

August 25, 2007 at 4:42 pm (That's not funny...)

I just got back from our local Triple A baseball team’s website. There is talk of changing the Beaver’s nickname and logo. I must protest this vehemently! Get your grubby hands off our Beavers!

I left this comment, as well as a vote for the ORIGINAL nickname.

I am a native Portlander and believe the Beavers should be *our* ball team’s name. (Do you remember the Portland Phillies? No one else does either.) While the nickname elicits giggles from my cousin back east, (Hi Misty!) the Portland Maine minor league team is nicknamed the Portland Seagulls. (“We will poop on you”?)

That name doesn’t stink as much as the thought of you taking away the history of our beloved Beavers!

They claim it’s because they don’t want ‘confusion’ between them and the Oregon State college baseball team. (You may have heard of them too, they just won a College World Series or something.) Um, has this been a problem? Corvallis is a couple of hours from here, and given their recent success, I think I’d welcome that kind of mistaken identity.

I own ballcaps from both teams. (I confess, I’ve got a thing for beavers, ahem.) They are color-coded; red for Portland, dark brown for OSU. (See, we can figure it out!) I have never mistaken one team for the other, or gotten lost on the way to the game.

So please please please, boogie on over to the BEAVERS’ website and drop a positive for our team and city’s heritage. I’ll even save you time- you can vote *here*.

As they do in Chicago, vote early and often!

Then get on out to the ballpark and watch our Beavers get licked again…


1 Comment

  1. sarah said,

    they sould not change the beavers nickname and logo

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