Backpacking with Cosmic Charlie

August 29, 2007 at 11:20 am (That's not funny...)

The medical adventures continue. Today I have a ride to the hospital, so I have a moment or two to share a little more gross-out with you…

Life is getting better. The abscess, while hardly a big deal, was having a negative effect on my health. I felt flu-like a lot, and my knees were acting up. I’m gimpy anyway, (three knee dislocations on the right one) so when what felt like a sudden onset of arthritis, the concern notched up.

Welcome to the wonderful world of antibiotics! After the doctors scraped all the goop out (8 CCs worth) they packed it with gauze and gave me a prescription.

The first stop was the hospital pharmacy. $30! Ouch! I politely backed out, and went to the pharmacy by my work. $27.50, minus ten percent discount for being a downtown worker. (It’s on 4th and SW Alder, FYI, nice folk.) Again, too rich for my blood.

Now for the moral dilemma. Wal-Mart has a pharmacy, and they charge $4 for most prescriptions. I avoid Wal-Mart, except when I need razor blades and ibuprofen. ($10 for a six-month supply of both, and I can’t find the old safety razor blades anywhere else.) As much as I hated to, it was the most cost effective option.

My ever-so-kind brother-in-law did the running, but it took two days to get this simple prescription filled. (Apparently, $4 is a very good price!) When it arrived a few minutes ago, it was wrapped in a bag advertising Monistat (Effective relief with less mess!) and KY Liquibeads. Okay, I’m a deviant, but if you’re shooting for a target audience, shouldn’t this thing be pimping Cialis or a frequent-urination product?

It’s almost time for the daily trek to the clinic. There’s a pencil-sized hole in the middle of my back, with a small wick poking out. They pull the packing out, (think pulling a hair out of a slice of angel food cake) and use a Q-tip to poke the new stuff in. It feels like someone is butting out a cigarette on my back, but the pain goes away quickly. 1,200 milligrams of ibuprofen does help.

The best part? As soon as the toxins were removed I began feeling better. The knees are feeling more flexible, and the icky malaise I’d been feeling is starting to fade.

I’m borderline perky!


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