Feelin’ Halloweeny

September 28, 2007 at 10:54 am (The Easy Chair)

I’ve been summoned to a meeting of the evil overlords…

I’ve been feeling the itch. It’s been too long since I’ve gone into the loud, stinky rock & roll pit. The bands coming to town either didn’t excite me, or play on a work night, or are not worth (to me) spending two weeks grocery money to see.

So when I heard Ozzy Osbourne, this generation’s Lawrence Welk, was coming to town, I let out a resounding “Meh.” I’ve seen Ozzy, solo and with Black Sabbath, several times. While always entertaining, it has a ‘been there-done that’ feel. The last time was the first Black Sabbath reunion tour, in 2000. Ozzy had the flu, and gargled his way through the set. (Iron Man was basically an instrumental. I loved it!) The best part of the show was the opener, Pantera. I wasn’t a fan before, but I am now. (RIP Dimebag Darrell.)

So what’s the big deal, you ask? Why tread down that dusty road one more time? It’s all about the opening act.

Rob fucking Zombie!

Yup, my latest man-crush is coming to town, playing a major venue. With a live album coming out, fresh off the release of the Halloween remake, I couldn’t resist. I saw the last tour, from which the live album is culled, and it was exxx-cellent.

Tickets aren’t cheap. I managed to get a fairly close nosebleed seat for just over fifty bucks. There’s prime seating available for about a hundred, but I don’t want to stand in a moshpit for four hours. Let me sit up high, where I can watch the young ‘uns kick the crap out of each other from a safe distance. I’m sure it’ll be loud enough.

Of course, once I committed to this, I heard rumors that Tool will be touring the west coast in the next few months. Figures. That is a show I really want to see, so, depending when tix go on sale, I could be living on Top Ramen for a couple of weeks. See, I want to take my thirteen year old nephew. He’s become fond of the Aenima album, and it would make a spectacular first concert.

So, if you want to go, and want good seats, here’s a reader reward. The presale code for the show is BLACKBAT4U and you can buy them here. Have your credit card ready, because they only give you five minutes to accomplish the paperwork. (Fuckin’ scalpers.) This code is good only today, September 28.

Rock on, brothers and sisters! See you at the show, and let’s hope and pray neither Ozzy or me breaks a hip…

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