It’s Dowdy Hoody Time…

September 30, 2007 at 4:21 pm (On the road again...)

Over the years, I’ve noticed patterns. One holding fast is the Hoody Rule. Almost without fail, since the mid-90s I’ve had to break out another layer of clothing for my outdoor adventures on October 1st. To the day! Every year! When sleeveless is just too damn uncomfortable, It’s hoody time.

I have an old Discus fleece hoody, purchased on a whim back in about 1996. I typically wear a sleeveless vest with eight gazillion pockets, and that is enough. (I’ve learned to go inside when it’s cold.) One day, running an errand out by the Gateway area, I was stuck in an icky rainstorm. I had forty-five minutes to kill, and was miserable. I decided to check out Fred Meyers; they had a Big & Tall section. Maybe I could find something cheap.

There wasn’t much. I found a blue hoody two sizes too big, for about $30. Carrying a large amount of contempt for the ‘way-too-big’ clothing crowd, I wished for something a little less gangsta. But… it was freaking cold outside.

Devil and Angel time. I could be noble, stay inside the store until the bus is due, then run like hell for three blocks. Or, I could be a little less honorable, buy the hoody, and return it tomorrow.

This round is awarded to The Devil!

I rolled the sleeves up, carefully tucking the tags out of sight. It got me home, warm and cozy, but it was too damn big. And it was blue. I needed something a bit less festive. Black fits my color scheme so much better.

So I made a few phone calls to various Fred Meyers, and found the perfect match: a front-zippered hoody in my size, and it was pitch black. Perfect! I sweet-talked, wielding a reciept, and walked out of the store a happy camper.

My conscience was soothed as well. I was having moral issues about ‘renting’ a jacket.

I have made up for it. The hoody is going into its eleventh year, with nary a hole or snag. The zipper works, and I can flip the hood a certain way and look like the Grim Reaper. Just in time for Halloween.

While October 1st seems a constant, when it goes back into warm-storage varies. The latest? May 1st. The earliest? February 15th. What will it be this year? If history repeats itself, since it was a cloudy, wet summer, it will probably be a long, rainy winter. I’m betting April 15th. Yeah, tax day.

The best part of putting it away? Everyone comes up to me and asks, “Have you lost weight?”

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