Late dinner, or early breakfast?

October 22, 2007 at 12:52 am (Clairissa, The Easy Chair)

Another weekend grinds to a close. It’s been a quiet one. I spent most of Saturday waiting on people to come over, and by the time they showed I was no longer in the mood to go out. So I popped a couple of extra-strength Vicodin and spent the evening watching baseball, football and old movies.

Friday was fun. I’d loaned episodes of South Park to Clairissa, and it was time to retrieve them. When I arrived, the smoking bench was inside, and the sign said ‘Closed’. I saw a pretty pair of eyes batting in the darkness, and Clairissa’s wife opened the door.

Seems it was a slow day, and Clairissa was taking the rest of it off. She had an errand to run downtown, as did I, (payday!) so we joined forces. We dropped the wife off at work, and hit the road toward paydirt.

It was a nice ride. We don’t socialize much outside of the barber shop. It was fun to be stuck in traffic on top of the Marquam Bridge. I had a head full of pain pills and green bud, and shared my skewed view with her as we pointed at all the stuff we never have time to stare at while zipping by at 55 MPH.

She took me home, and came in to meet the family, get molested by the dog and see the museum of macabre that is my room. Unfortunately, her dogs were home alone and in need of supervision and probable bathroom breaks, so our visit ended way too soon. A challenge for an air hockey game was made. She said she would, quote, “Kick my ass.”

Ahem, missy. I’m quicker than I look.

Sunday? It’s been a cook at home day. I made bacon-steakburgers earlier, after a trip to Freddy’s. And I just finished a bacon, red potato and cheese scramble, with a few veggies to ease the conscience. See, I almost had a heart attack at Freddy’s.

The last $100 bill from payday had been riding around with me all weekend, destined to pay for November’s bus pass. I scored coffee, the oft-mentioned bacon and a quart of half & half and went to customer service. With groceries and bus pass paid for, I had $11.75 left. I tucked stuff away and made a run for the bus, due in two minutes.

Just as I hit the door, the bus pulled away from the stop. Damn! Oh, well. They run every fifteen minutes, even on Sunday. I sat down next to a colorfully dressed punk-mom.

Thirteen minutes later, the bus pulled up, and I couldn’t find my bus pass. I checked the usual pocket AGAIN. Fuck! Where was it?

I pulled out the wallet, but wasn’t in there. Thought I might have stuffed it in with the cash. Checked the side pocket, nope.

“You coming or not?” The light was changing, and the driver didn’t look patient.

As soon as I spoke the words, “I can’t find my bus pass,” I had a flash. I pulled out my wallet, and looked under where I keep it. Voila! I scurried on, grateful that I didn’t have to wait yet another fifteen minutes with the sign-holding spare-changing dirtbag hippies.

Now, it’s about time for bed. Since it’s after midnight, I can say I’ve had breakfast already.

One less mission to accomplish this Monday morning.

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