October 23, 2007 at 12:57 am (That's not funny...)

I’ve been a moody, pouty bitch today.

Don’t know why, either. I *thought* I was looking forward to work, but as soon as I got on the bus, I just wanted to go back home. The bus-chatter irritated me, even though it wasn’t bad at all. I can usually find amusement in conversations between teenage girls, but not this time. I just wanted them to shut up.

Work wasn’t much better. There were more workers than customers, until I was left alone to babysit the club crowd, who was waiting for “the cousin of some famous rapper.” No offense, but Hillsboro isn’t Compton. Too many Ali Gs running around.

It could be the SoCal fires. My brother moved from San Diego several years ago, but left his kids there. (Except for the one in Japan. And the one that’s a neighbor of a famous east-coast politician.) So when I heard the lower third of California was on fire, it was personal.

I just got a note, and they are okay. One kid is eight miles from the fire, his sister is in a safe zone. They will meet accordingly, should the need arise.

So it’s not the fire’s fault. I can’t blame work. Maybe it’s just that time of the month. I’ve had a compelling urge to hide away somewhere and cry.

Blue man singular, I guess.

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