Ozzy and Zombie Live

October 26, 2007 at 12:41 pm (Drunk and disorderly, The Easy Chair)

The set list from opening night.

I’ve been spinning the new Rob Zombie album quite a bit. There’s not much new material here, at least to me. It’s a mix of greatest hits and stuff from the last album, Educated Horses. He has done something I figured impossible- the songs are louder, meaner, more energetic. And played with as much spit and polish as heavy metal songs can be.

I wasn’t particularly psyched to see Ozzy again, until the interviews started popping up. Instead of the suspected cash grab, it sounds like he’s really into it this time. The set list is impressive, and has one of my favorite Ozzy songs on it, Fire in the Sky, off the No Rest for the Wicked album.

AFAIK, the song hasn’t been featured on a tour, and doesn’t get radio airplay. It seems Ozzy and I were in similar headspaces when the album came out, except Ozzy’s coke budget was bigger. Fire in the Sky reminded me of a vicious hangover and the guilt of being stupid for a living. (Again, Ozzy got paid better.) It captured that feeling of dread one feels upon awakening, then trying to remember just what the fuck you did last night, and how much damage control was necessary.

Supposedly Ozzy is sober this time. When I first started drinking regularly, one of my fun little head games was to see how hammered I could get while still pulling off tasks in a professional, efficient manner. Then, it became necessary to have alcohol for stability to get the job done. Then it all became too much work, and I just wanted to sit around and get drunk. I’m guessing Ozzy is enjoying the newness of touring sober. Instead of whirling in the moment, he’s reliving a million experiences while relying on the familiarity of repeated actions to get him through it.

He might find that he really enjoys being a rock star, and is comfortable enough in his own skin not to need heavy sedation to rise to his godlike status.

And if he shows up drunk off his ass? All the other shows I’ve seen were a really good time, so I’m not worried. For his health and sanity, I wish and hope and pray for him to succeed. Sobriety is a headspace more than anything, and I hope his is as mellow as a demon-spewing suicide-inducing devil-child promoter of evil can be.

And Ozzy, if you’re somehow reading this? If you feel the urge to get bent, the pot in Oregon is top notch. You can take a trip and never leave the farm. And it won’t start that horrible, weeks-long need to wash the pain away, should you start drinking again. We all know one is too many, and a million is not enough.

That said, if you need a drinking buddy, drop me an e-mail. I haven’t had a drop since spring break, but I would make a night of it to match shots and hear some of your war stories.

But that’s the ONLY way I’ll be drinking that night. I’ve come to appreciate life without alcohol, and it takes some pretty heavy shit to drive me to the bottle. So no heavy shit, please people?

It’s Friday, and I have three dates with three different women (and one guy) in the next day and a half. I’m off to say hi to Clairissa in a few minutes, to loan her House of 1,000 Corpses and get one of her delicious bear hugs. (Her wife dressed up as Rob Zombie for Halloween last year. This year’s costumes are more salacious. Details to follow.)

Tomorrow I’ll be hanging with ThatGirl. There will be little Zombie/Ozzy action there, but I can use the break.

Tonight? I have a date with Mizelle and the Frenchman to see the Halloween remake, in a movie theater-bar. Since we’ll be smuggling Tadpole in, and The Frenchman is being supportive and not drinking either, it will be an evening of pizza, root beer and maybe a killing or twelve.

On screen, of course.

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  1. gee-no said,

    well said.
    *holds bic lighter up, rocking side to side*

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