‘Tis the Season?

October 30, 2007 at 12:25 pm (The Easy Chair)

And so it begins.

I just saw an ad for this year’s first Christmas movie. Uh, Halloween is tomorrow! Did we forget Thanksgiving?

Granted, a couple years back I saw the highly irritating Burl Ives Christmas-jingle CD ad the day after Labor Day, so I’m not bitching too loudly just yet.

Can this season end as quickly as it is starting?

Granted, I wasn’t raised to celebrate Christmas. My parents belonged to a Christian offshoot that didn’t celebrate any other holidays than the rising of Christ. It happened around Passover, and was some celebration! We got an extra night of church, and watched folks pass around a Triscuit and a cup of rotten grape juice. If you took a bite or had a sip, it meant you were one of the 144,000 called to the afterlife. The rest of us were killed off, resurrected, and given a thousand years to clean up the mess of Armageddon. (I didn’t even like cleaning my room…) Christmas, Halloween, birthdays, anything not directly celebrating Jehovah or his son were verboten.

My little sister and I were pretty good about bending the rules. We would sneak each other gifts all month, making sure mom didn’t see us having too much fun on December 25. There were no Santa visits, no wrapped presents, certainly no tree, (false idol!) and if there was a Christmas-themed party at school, we got to go to the library to read.

I’m still a voracious reader.

The same with Thanksgiving. We took advantage of the turkey prices and excess of pumpkin pie, but not on that particular Thursday. On the upside, only regular church, and football was on in the daytime.

Halloween? Fuggitaboutit!

While I don’t begrudge others their holiday, I don’t get enthused about the season. I try to give all year long, and feel like I’m being judged if I don’t give everyone something on December 25. I’m quite good at remembering birthdays, and would rather give everyone their own personal Christmas. Plus, I live financially close to the bone, so it helps with the food budget if I don’t have to gift everyone I know during one of the leanest times of the year, two months before the tax returns arrive.

I’m not a total Grinch. I love watching my niece and nephew get spoiled rotten once a year. I love the street lights in the trees lining downtown and 23rd Avenue. Uh, I’m sure there’s other stuff.

Little Debbie’s Christmas brownies hit the shelves yesterday. There’s that.

Guess they don’t have anything turkey-flavored.

When you see me working Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, don’t feel bad. I volunteered for it. I don’t get paid extra, but people appreciate that I’m open. I usually get about three turkey dinners delivered by good samaritans feeling sorry for me. One Christmas about 25 years ago, a fellow brought me a Big Gulp cup full of Jack Daniels with an orange slice floating in it. Talk about a holly jolly Xmas! (Please don’t do that this year, though.)

Last year was special. ThatGirl’s son had his bar mitzvah, and I was invited to the celebration. I was welcomed unconditionally into the fold, and didn’t feel the least bit like an outsider. It was a glimpse into a different culture. Ironically, it’s one of my fondest Christmas memories. We also had a few friends over to her house, in what would be a rare occurrence for me. A true Christmas eve party.

I will use the time to catch up with close friends. I can count on seeing Freewheelin’ at least for a few minutes. He drops by with a plate of homemade cookies and way too grand a gift for what he usually gets. (For being my best friend, I’m still stymied as to what to get him.) MIzelle always has something oddball for me. (I mean oddball in the most loving way.) The kids overload me with chocolate, homemade cards and hugs. I end up getting into the spirit for a few minutes, anyway.

But, if you see a TV flying out a window, and a Howard Beale-esque “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take it anymore!!” scream following behind it, rest assured it’s just me, after hearing Burl Ives at 3 AM.

For the last time this season.

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