A case of the Monnnndaaaaays…

November 5, 2007 at 1:38 pm (The Easy Chair)

I can barely take all this excitement. Yet another weekend has come and gone, with me keeping time with the TV, and looking for excuses to go for a bus ride. What did I accomplish?

-Laundry. I won’t be offensive on those long bus rides.

-Sewing. I have a pillow in dire need of repair, so I spent an hour patching seams. I can get another ten years out of it now.

-Wrote letters to a couple of relatives. I wonder if they remember me?

-Got so bored I wrote a political blogpost. See below.

-Cleaned my room. There is a carpet under there. Alothough that ‘barefoot on the beach feeling’ requires more imagination.

-Got a haircut. Lookin’ good and smellin’ good.

-Bought groceries. I should be cool for the week. I ate so much salad over the weekend. Had apples instead of candy while watching football. Ate that sample cup of yogurt kicking around in the crisper. It had so much fiber, I snapped off the plastic spoon in it. (Hee-Man!) I feel positively buoyant!

And now it’s time for another bus ride. Time to pay for all this fun.

I’ve got a feeling next weekend is gonna be a lot more interesting.


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