Mystery of the Mattress Woman

November 18, 2007 at 10:21 pm (The Easy Chair)

During this dark and rainy season, I have found yet another reason to be bummed out. Mary Kae Irvin, the longtime spokesperson for SleepCountry USA, has been replaced. I’ve admitted my less-than-pure desires and thoughts, and others have written to let me know I’m not alone.

The new gal looks like a smaller, deeper-voiced version. Did they think I wouldn’t notice? (“She’s like the last girl, only better!”) Sorry, marketing geniuses. The cuddly, curvy Mary Kae was just fine. If you were going to replace her, couldn’t you have come up with an original look?

Not that there’s anything wrong with the new gal. I’m just slow to accept change. (I still consider Brian Johnson of AC/DC the ‘new guy’.) Is it just me? Is it an old-white-guy thing? The term ‘set in his ways’ has been around forever, so I guess not. Women in my life are always getting me to try new things. I’m like the proverbial sailor; I’ll try anything once. (Mostly!) Then, typically, I will pronounce the old way superior and continue as usual.

Autumn is a season of change. The leaves have changed color, and most are now resting in piles in the parking spots of the city. Soon there will be new ones. A new year approaches, the cycles continue.

I tell myself to roll with the punches, and accept that which I cannot change. (Or keep the same.) But that doesn’t always mean I have to like it. I will miss the smiling face of Mary Kae Irvin telling me to go buy a mattress, but not as much as seeing her face in the middle of the night when I blink one eye open to see what time it is.

To the woman who launched a thousand perverted fantasies, I salute you!



  1. gee-no said,

    Bedbugs, ….all of ’em…….

  2. Wafflecone said,

    I, too, am bummed out for the change. I can’t help but wonder what mysterious circumstances lead to her replacement…

  3. Chris Fox said,

    I wonder why she was replaced? It seems almost odd to have someone else doing the ads.

  4. Loren Cole said,

    Here’s a link to some information re: the big change. Looks like Mary Kae is being replaced by “Jessica”.

  5. Bill said,

    I noticed the changer right off and am bummed. There is no comparison, Mary is the best!

  6. Chad Schneider said,

    Mary Kae Irvin was the best spokesperson ever. She just seemed more “real” than Sunny.

  7. Chad Schneider said,

    this new “jessica” looks too “perfect”……more plastic

  8. Thomas Potter said,

    Well, I am upset over this change as well, The last ad I remember with Mary Kae Irvin was the one where she is on top of a stack of mattresses and says, “I can see my house from here.”
    I now have an answer to the question:”Why buy a mattress anywhere else?” Because you got rid of Mary Kae!!!

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