The Ultimate Food Coma?

November 26, 2007 at 7:30 am (That's not funny...)

Thirty-four hours of sleep.

Fortunately, that was the second half of my weekend. The first part was normal.

My Thanksgiving/Black Friday celebration went off without a hitch. ThatGirl had most of the cooking started by the time I got there, and my chores involved grabbing things from high shelves, or popping a bottle of sparkling Italian wine. Carving the turkey was fun. I used her finest serial-killer kitchen blade, and dispatched that sucker post haste!

Dinner was fantastic. The post-dinner amusement was the Blazer game, but a nap trumped that, so we TiVoed and watched it in the middle of the night. (Note to self: give the Blazers an extra thirty minutes of TiVo time, to catch that last 13 seconds.) ThatGirl took my usual role, staying up and wandering the house in the middle of the night. I slept until one in the afternoon.

After breakfast, she dropped me off at home. Even though I’d slept all morning, a nap sounded good, so I indulged. Snoozing through college football games, starting the movie Scream, then promptly passing out again. Such was the routine until Sunday morning. I should be well rested, right?

I woke at 6 AM, feeling horrible. I was freezing, unusual for my cold-climate preferences. I spent the day shivering under a blanket. I had plenty of football to watch, to the point where I was sick of it. (Never thought that would happen.)

My biggest concern was work. I can’t afford to miss a day. (I have the Republican health plan: never get sick.) I figured the best plan of action was to sleep as much as possible, funnel ibuprofen down the hatch, and hydrate.

So far, so good. I just woke up, and feel normal! Well, mostly. I’m a little spacy after all that sleep, but I’ve lost that icky, shivering feeling. The lungs are clearing up, and the chronic cough is receding.

Here’s hoping I feel this perky later today, when I’m back facing the public again. And if the public gives me a hard time?

It’s germ warfare!

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