I’m a dangerous fella, with my pink umbrella…

November 29, 2007 at 1:49 pm (On the road again...)

I am a native Oregonian. My parents migrated from Missouri and Idaho in the ’40s, and I’ve lived here all my life, except for a summer in Seattle. Rain has always been a way of life. The lush green beauty wouldn’t exist without nature’s nourishment.

An ongoing thought amongst natives is that umbrellas are for pussies. I was of this school of thought for a long time. (A native takes his ballcap off in the rain so it doesn’t get ruined. Your scalp will dry faster.) Somewhere between the influx of citizens from other states and the weather pattern that reduced rainfall the last decade or two, I’ve started adjusting my view, now that the rain is back full force.

I spend ten percent of my life on public transportation. I’ve discovered that after three or four good soakings, my clothes get that wet-dog smell.When it’s mixed with festering sweat, the stench can be overwhelming. I don’t have to worry about the festering sweat part, since I shower at least once a day. I hate contributing to the general stinkiness of the bus, and don’t wash my coat every time I do laundry, so what to do?

The other day I got on the bus, and someone had left their umbrella on the seat in front of me. On the far side of town, a fellow got on, saw the umbrella, and gave me a dirty look. Without making excuses, I picked up the umbrella so he could sit. When my stop came up, there was a torrential downpour happening outside, so I took the umbrella.

I’ve been packing it around for about a week now. I haven’t been teased, although the very young women in my life want one now. (Xmas is coming…) I manage to stay dry all night, and not a scent of Fido anywhere.

And if anyone recognizes their umbrella? Well, I would hand it over without question, thanking them for allowing me to keep it company all week.

I guess a true native Oregonian uses umbrellas. He just doesn’t pay for them.

Can I call it a recycling thing?

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  1. Dollarstodonuts said,

    Never ever pay for umbrellas, stop in at the nearest pub and ask ‘I think I left my umbrella in here, it’s black..’ You usually get to choose from a couple.

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