Jingle Bells?

December 24, 2007 at 1:25 pm (Cussed Dumbers, Sweet sticky things)

Nah, I spent most of yesterday talking on the phone. I think I have cauliflower ear.

I’m not a big phone person. I consider them a necessary evil. Until the turn of the century, I had a rotary phone, but Cousin got tired of my backwoods ways and set me up with a push-button. A certain young lady has provided me with a cell phone, (and the best cell plan EVER) so it’s not like I don’t use phones, I just prefer not to talk on them for extended periods of time.

Yesterday, the whole world decided to call. Since long distance is free on the cell phone, and weekends are free, I spent 90 minutes talking to my cousin in North Carolina. I might still be talking if the land line hadn’t started ringing. A sick coworker wanted to talk. Later, I spoke with my uncle, who is doing fine. (More on this another time.) Christmas wishes from The Porno Queen. Freewheelin’ called, as did Mizelle. It was like old home week, yet no one had to go out in the rain.

My big plans for the holiday? I’m spending them with the less fortunate. You know, those who forgot milk, bread, eggs, pumpkin pie. (None of which we sell.) Yep, I’ll be working. I politicked long and hard to get a set schedule to my liking, and prefer working through the holidays, as opposed to trying to make up time by working on the weekends. My job doesn’t offer paid holidays, and I’m not invested enough in them to want to lose the income.

Something interesting usually happens. 4th of July had a fistfight. My first Christmas at the store (or was it Thanksgiving?) Mizelle came to visit, and hung out for an hour or so. During that time, a homeless fellow that looked like Alfred the Butler from the Batman TV series did a full-on performance of the song Cabaret. It brightened an otherwise glum night.

Will it be busy? Probably. We’re the only game downtown most holiday nights. The bars will likely be closed, leaving the homeless and the crackheads little to do but hang out in front of the store. As long as they behave themselves…

And whether it’s an exercise in aggravation or a warm, fuzzy humanitarian hug, I will be there, at least faking a smile. I do expect to spend lots of time answering the phone.

“Why, yes. We are open!”


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