Contemplating Overtime

January 21, 2008 at 1:40 pm (Cussed Dumbers, The Easy Chair)

It’s Monday, but it feels like Tuesday.

My weekend was a good one. After a big grocery run and a walk for exercise, I settled in to watch the Blazers on their road trip.

The Miami game was a fun one. I watched ESPN’s coverage, then caught the rerun on the upstart channel. While ESPN’s coverage is time-tested, shiny and spectacular, I like the way *our* girl on the floor gets the impressionable young Blazers to come out of their shell.

The Orlando game ended poorly, but the guys did well. I watched it with a friend, and TiVo condensed the action down to about 90 minutes. It gave us time for a tasty, deep-fried seafood dinner at Pal’s Shanty. There was a college game on over the bar, and we finished eating just as they switched the channel. LA LA LA LA out the door; my friend picked up the tab.

I rolled in early Sunday afternoon, ready for football. New England and San Diego first, then Green Bay and New England. After politicking long and hard, I have a football-friendly schedule at work, as do most of the managers. But since annual inventory has fallen on the last two weekends, and the biggest football fans are working it, I volunteered to be a sport and call with updates.

“Hi Whitney, it’s time for your Fux Sports Network update. It’s 14-12 New England. New England isn’t playing all that well, but the Chargers can only seem to get field goals, so it’s a close one.”

“Cool,” said Whitney. “Are you at work already?”

I laughed. “Um, no Whitney. It’s Sunday. I even checked the schedule Saturday, and I’m not due until Monday at my usual time.”

There was quiet. Then, “I think you’d better call the boss. He was supposed to get ahold of you.”

“What’s going on?”

“The boss accidentally scheduled Eisenhower twice, so he was going to ask you to work tonight. You’d probably better give him a call…” As an after thought, “Oh, thanks for the football update.”

“You’re welcome. I think…”

I called the boss, and sure enough. “Yeah, I tried calling you Friday, but I didn’t get an answer and then I forgot all about it. I don’t suppose there’s a chance you’d consider coming in tonight?”

“Man, I just got home from a debauched night of carousing!” I fibbed, hoping for mercy.

“I know, but if you could even come in late? That would help.”

“Oh all right. Let whoever’s working know I’ll be there in a bit.”

Since I was already showered, and only been in the door a few minutes, I tossed on a coat, grabbed my overnight bag and headed to the bus stop half a mile away.

Customers and criminals alike were surprised to see me working on a Sunday night. Since a nap was to-do item number one on my Sunday night list, it wasn’t too bad. I grumbled, groused and spent the evening running off street scum who know my schedule as well as I do. I condensed lunch into a fifteen-minute break, and got a full eight hours on the paycheck that will be more appreciated in a couple of weeks than it is now.

The thrilling overtime game between Green Bay and the Giants? I hope everyone enjoyed it. The new Radiohead album gifted to me over the weekend? I will indulge in it after work tonight, although I may wait for Music Appreciation Friday. Seems I only jam out to the tunes on Friday, when the kids are at school and the other adults are awake or away. I prefer to hear this one on the big stereo, as opposed to headphones.

Thanks to MLK Day, the Blazers are playing an 11 AM game, which is finishing up just in time. Unless it ends in triple overtime, it will be done by the time I have to catch the bus. This is so much more entertaining than watching Super Crosswords or an infomercial for hip-hop abs.

Ahem. It just went to overtime. I had to say something, didn’t I?

I wonder if they’d understand if I’m just a little late?…

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