I Just Got Three Inches Bigger!

February 16, 2008 at 1:22 pm (The Easy Chair)

At least!

Not trying to brag, and not saying I needed it, but man, is this impressive!

And how did I pull off this feat, you ask? Have I been perusing the ads in the back of Hustler again? Been hanging out with “Bob” from those late night commercials?

Nope. But I must credit ThatGirl for coming up with the idea, and being ever so kind as to help me, um, put it away, because it is cumbersome by comparison…

I’ve been having monitor issues lately. My computer was state of the art in 2001, but now is kind of like a ’74 Plymouth Valiant. It’s still running perfectly for the most part, but when something breaks down it can be a pain in the ass to replace. So I feared the worst when my monitor started acting up.

At first it was occasional. The vertical and horizontal hold seemed to be at odds with each other, and after a few seconds of squiggles it would fall asleep. Zonk! It was like it had developed onset narcolepsy. This turned into quite the aggravator. Visions of me going all Howard Beale and chucking the mofo into the street aside, the sensible thing would be to replace said aggravator. But where to go?

ThatGirl suggested FreeGeek. I like their philosophy, and didn’t mind spending money with someone that wasn’t a pawnshop for tweakers. So I hopped a bus and ventured forth.

And I am so glad I did. It took me three whole minutes to pick out my new baby. It is a monster! Perspectivewise from the easy chair, it’s the same size as my 27″ TV across the room. Squinting is no longer necessary. In fact, I may have to check out some cyberporn…

I was going to be all macho and haul it home on the bus, but ThatGirl offered a car ride. I “could” have done it, and the six blocks or so I would have had to haul it between bus stops would have made for great exercise. But if I’d dropped it I’d be crying my eyes out instead of jumping for joy.

The absolute best part? Since I got the big screen, in black, and there were no stickers from the previous owner, it cost me full price.

Twenty fucking dollars. With free power cables.

So please please please be nice to FreeGeek, and support them any way you can. They do good things, and will hear nothing but high praise from me.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to check out a few things up close and personal before I go buy a young lady dinner for being so helpful…

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