At Least I’ll Have Something to Read

February 22, 2008 at 7:13 pm (The Easy Chair)

I love having extra money. As in not having to penny-pinch between paydays. Financially I live close to the bone, but this time of year, after the taxes come home, I have a little wiggle room, and try to invest in things that will keep me amused when things aren’t so flush.

So when I was flipping through the latest issue of Rolling Stone, the one all about Britney’s meltdown, and the drop card offering 78 issues for about $25 landed in my lap, I couldn’t resist. I filled that sucker out and ran it to the nearest mailbox.

I’ve been checking my account online, and the drop card finally registered at RS headquarters. I immediately paid online, receiving another four free issues! Wahoo! I read them and pass them along, usually to the teenage son of a friend. Occasionally they end up elsewhere, if I see a story I think someone might like.

Fair warning to all, if they ever rerun the ‘hot’ issue featuring Lisa Bonet, I’m claiming that sucker. I still think the centerfold is the hottest picture ever taken.

My subscription now extends until around May 2013. If one believes the story about the Mayan calender, I will have Rolling Stone until the end of time.

For about twenty-five bucks. Score!


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