Psst… Greg Oden is on Jim Rome today…

February 27, 2008 at 1:25 am (The Easy Chair)

One of the benefits/drawbacks of working the late shift is the vast wasteland of TV in the early afternoon. With the possible exception of “Hip-Hop Abs”, (sound off) I can’t stand informercials, and there’s not much else but ESPN that I can tolerate that early in the day.

Today, as I was slamming for the door, I reached for the TV off-button just as Jim Rome mentioned that his guest today will be our new (not even out of the box) center, Greg Oden. Woohoo! Note to self: get ready for work early. I want to see this.

You poor folks stuck working ‘normal’ hours? Better set that TiVo, or the VHS if you’re prehistoric like me. 1:30 PM on ESPN, channel 35 in the Portland area.

I almost called this post ‘Breaking News’, but I hate using the word ‘breaking’ in the same sentence with Greg Oden. Superstitious, I guess. If he trips on a rug, I don’t want that kind of karmic responsibility.

Oh, what the hell. Break a leg, kid. Metaphorically speaking, of course…


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