There will be blood…

March 4, 2008 at 12:40 pm (The Easy Chair)

There once was a nurse named Suzi;
Who dealt with things bloody and oozy.
Nasty infections and partial erections,
And a skin tag that was quite a doozy!

Okay, she never dealt with the partial erection, but she might have caused one or two…

It’s time for another visit to the clinic, and today I’m seeing my favorite nurse. She’s been along for the ride since I’ve been going there, and it’s nice to feel comfortable around someone who has seen so many disgusting things in, on, and coming out of my body. She’s a real trooper, and handles every situation with a smile and more grace than is expected for such situations.

Today should be a walk in the park, compared to some of the things she’s treated me for. She’s going to teach me how to use a glucose meter. Considering nothing will have to be drained, lanced or packed, this will seem like tea and crumpets!

But she will have to strap on the latex gloves, as she’s going to show me how to bleed into little glass tubes. And since I have an appointment tomorrow to have my back checked, I’m going to see if she can interpret my results and make sure everything is as it should be. It’ll save me a trip back, and she’s probably more well-versed in such things than the resident doctors anyway.

Poor Suzi never gets off easy, but if I have to bleed or be patched up, she’s the girl I want taking care of it.

Thank you, angel of mercy and hazardous materials.

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