In the Shadow of Mary Kae

March 5, 2008 at 1:07 pm (The Easy Chair)

Change isn’t always easy to accept. I’ve gotten better as I age, realizing sometimes change is necessary, even good. I used to fight change, finding comfort in routine. I once wrote a hostile letter to KUFO when Bill Prescott’s morning show was replaced by Howard Stern. (I still like Bill better, nothing against Howard. Howard’s obnoxious, Bill is funny. Where fore art thou, Billy?) I still think of Brain Johnson of AC/DC as ‘the new singer’. What’s it been, 28 years?

I watch a lot of TV. I should say I have the TV on for background, and watch frequently. I see a lot of commercials. Some bug the shit out of me (Charmin’s ‘Cha cha cha’) and others excite me. (Girls Gone Wild Sorority Secrets anyone?) Some spokespeople seem like old friends, (Hi Tom Peterson!) and others make me want to cross the street when I see them coming. (Outrageous Audio…) I seem to have an ongoing fascination with one company’s ad campaign: Sleep Country USA.

I’ve posted before about Mary Kae Irvin. Her sultry maturity, sweet voice and curvy figure inspired my imagination to new highs. (Or lows, depending on your perspective.) After seeing her do the Christmas in July musical number, I had to investigate. At the time there wasn’t much about her online, but after reading my post helpful readers sent in links and the mystery was solved.

Then she disappeared. I was crushed! My hot imaginary friend had disappeared off that giant pile of mattresses. Did she get bird flu from talking to that pigeon? Did she cause some scandal I need to be aware of to fuel even more naughty thoughts? Nah, the company wanted a fresh face.

Enter Jessica. (Giggle, ahem.) She popped up a few months back, and not much info is available. She bears a striking resemblance to Mary Kae, like they could be sisters. I kicked and whined a little, but Jessica is absolute eye candy. While I still have a big crush on Mary Kae, she’s not easy to find these days. I guess I could buy a Playstation and get Halo to hear her voice once in a while, but that’s too much work, and I don’t have enough hours in the day to become addicted to video games. I may watch the pilot to Grey’s Anatomy; I hear she has a part in that.

Now my curiosity turns to Jessica. Her voice has a lyrical quality, and I love that smile! I thought about it for a while, and figured out perhaps why I am so fixated; she looks like someone from my past.

Back when I was a young ‘un of about eighteen, I worked for a couple. He was a great guy, and his wife was the sweetest thing. She was about ten years older, and while nothing inappropriate ever happened, I did think about her a lot. She was probably the last MILF in my life. (MILF in its proper context anyway. Most of the women in my life are mothers now…)

Thing is, she’s a total ringer for Jessica. The eyes, the smile, the voice. As much as I want to hate Jessica for bumping Mary Kae out of the picture, I just can’t. She reminds me of my fantasy fling, and seeing Jessica makes me feel eighteen again, if only for a few minutes. Le rowrrr!

So welcome aboard, Jessica. It truly is nice to see you every day. (And night.) You make me miss Mary Kae a little less…



  1. Nervous51 said,

    Well.. Seems that Bil Prescott is still on the air.. but only if you have a scanner and can tune into the UHF Police band. Bill is a dispatcher over in Clackamas county, West Linn, Oregon City area somewheres. I knew Bill when he was a DJ at KZAP radio in Sacramento, back in the day before he got smart and headed north.

  2. Bill Prescott said,

    Hey guess what ! I really AM alive and well !! And yup Im lurking on the 800mhz band tellin cops & firefighters where to go … life is good !

    Thanks for your kind words re: the KUFO days… they were my finest hours!


    Bill Prescott

  3. j said,

    Id fuck em both 8======>

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