Buh-buh-buh Bennie!

March 10, 2008 at 12:40 pm (The Easy Chair)

It’s been an interesting weekend. I spent waaay too much time watching TV again, but oh what I saw! Let’s review:

*I saw a childhood friend on Fox 12’s Most Wanted, for having a Library of Congress-sized stash of kiddie porn.

*I saw my favorite ‘cop-on-the-beat’ arrest a former work neighbor on COPS.

There were good sporting events to watch. I saw the Blazers win twice on the road. The Cubs (with Sweet Lou at the helm) played spring ball in the afternoon on WGN.

And then the capper.

Regular readers will note that a couple of weeks ago I had a small medical procedure done. I was pretty descriptive. (ThatGirl winces when I even bring up the subject.) I thought I was pretty reserved, considering how graphic I could have been.

Well… I decided to watch the new Fox show Unhitched last night. Produced by the Farrelly brothers, who brought us There’s Something About Mary and Me, Myself and Irene. Good pedigree, even though their tagline was “Think Seinfeld!” (Shudder.) I decided to give it a try.

It was like an edgier version of Friends; banter, dating, etc… One of the way-too-smooth guys, in a scene stolen right out of Knocked Up, picks up a hot girl by scoring drinks at a happenin’ nightclub where the bartenders are snooty.

The catch? She has a skin tag on her back, shaped like a shrimp.

Of course, I followed the story as it played out, and my only regret is they didn’t show the girl after the ‘shrimp’ was removed. If they showed it authentically, it could have been an outtake from Saw V.

When was this show written? Is there a whole society of people with shrimp-shaped skin tags on their back? (ThatGirl has a whole cult of non-burpers that keep her blog busy. Don’t ask…) I feel as though I deserve at least a thank you for the idea.

I was karmically rewarded, though. Being a good citizen, I stooped to pick up a discarded envelope last week. Hiding inside the partially torn envelope was a lone $100 bill. Woohoo! Did I go crazy, buying drinks for the house and endless lottery tickets?

Nope. I went to Fred Meyer’s and spent it on new pants and shoes.

I guess it all works out in the end. However, I am coming home to do more research on shrimp-shaped skin tags. Reparations may be in order!

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