All together now, “Aww…”

April 3, 2008 at 11:55 am (Sweet sticky things)

It’s been the unanimous reaction since I’ve started spreading the word.

In what likely will be the first of several birth announcements, I am proud to let the world know that Mizelle and the Frenchman have been blessed with a bouncing baby girl! She was born the day after April Fool’s Day, (good thinking Mom) and mother and baby are doing fine.

I got the word when calling to check up on Mizelle during a work break. While I understand the Frenchman just fine when we are face-to-face, over the phone it can be challenging to figure out his phraseology. (He has the same problem with my pop-culture references.) I know this much: He is a very proud papa.

Her name is Calypso. Her middle name is undetermined as of yet, but will either be Rose or El Camino. Again, I couldn’t tell if he was kidding. But for continuity (and privacy reasons) she will be henceforth referred to here as Lilypad. Note to self: go back and edit all the Tadpole references. I can now be gender-specific.

Maybe I should have gotten her the pink Motorhead onesie.

One down, two to go. My bus-riding buddy has disappeared, so I’m guessing she’s either on maternity leave and playing the waiting game, or is knee-deep in diapers and laundry and looking even more sleep-deprived than usual. I’ll see her on the bus, or at Freddy’s. Since I don’t have her phone number, and her husband would probably disapprove if I just showed up at her house, I will wish her well and play the waiting game.

In conclusion, there’s the whole Granddad thing that’s supposed to be happening. I’ve left a couple of phone messages, but have heard nothing back. (Is the bill paid, dear?) My ex is a tough old broad, and a very involved Grandma, so I’m not worried. I’d have heard if something bad had happened.

All the best to you, my past, present and future lovelies!


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