Friday Stew

June 13, 2008 at 11:49 am (Clairissa, The Easy Chair)

Aah… blessed weekend.

It’s been quite a week. Met lots of interesting people. Lost an old friend of the four-legged variety. (My sister and niece buried her in the back of the garden, next to the goldfish and “a big, fat worm.”) Work is full of turmoil. Grinder is smart, he took a week’s vacation. I get to enjoy a three-day weekend.

I found my uncle! Technically he wasn’t lost, but he had some troubles and ended up in a facility for a while, with strict rules as to who can contact him. His Alzheimer’s has been accelerating, and he needed attention. On a whim I called him during a slow point at work, and got his voice mail. Figures. I left a polite, upbeat message and went back to work.

Two minutes later my cell phone went off, it was him. “Who is this?” he asked. I told him, and he recognized me immediately. “Well, hi there! Good to hear from you.” We caught up quickly. He said, “I’ve still got my car, with the OnStar on it. Maybe I could drive down and see you guys?”

“How about if we drive up and see you? We can pile in your car and I can take you for a drive. You know I can handle that Caddy. It’s a sweet ride.”

He agreed that maybe it was better if he didn’t drive anymore. I owe my uncle a car ride. Darn.

It’s Pride Week, and the Dyke March is tomorrow. As much as I’d like to go watch, I think I’ll stay home instead. I’ve seen more lesbian boobies this year than any man should be allowed to. Clairissa will be out there, probably leading the pack.

Later I will go downtown, drop by work and check out the vibe. But right now? I have a date with a cute mother/daughter combo. Extra added bonus! French husband! We’re going to invade an Asian buffet. My kitchen stove is broken, and man can only live on chicken strips and roast beef for so long. I haven’t had a hot meal in a week. I’m ready to become a regular at an all-night diner, like a character in a Tom Waits song. When Mizelle called and asked what/where, eight dozen options popped into my head. With Asian buffet, I can cover a lot of those bases. Mmm, munchies.

Have a great weekend. You deserve it.


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