Little To Do About Not Much

August 25, 2008 at 12:40 pm (The Easy Chair)

Another weekend has come and gone. While it wasn’t boring, it’d probably be boring to read about in detail, so I’ll throw out a quick overview while waiting for the bus.

I spent a lot of time with friends and loved ones. A brief rendezvous with a mother and daughter in a parking lot in southeast. E-mail consultations with my cousin back east, regarding another relative taking advantage of my 87-year old uncle. (Since Tony Soprano was out of town, we’ve decided on Oregon and Washington’s DHS, which have excellent elder-abuse departments. Show no mercy, please…) And, I spent a few hours hanging out at my favorite barbershop.

Clairissa has a new girlfriend. She works at a photo shop, so all those semi-steamy photos I’ve been taking no longer pass under the evil eye of the granny that works at Fred Meyer. She always checks the quality, then wishes she hadn’t. The teenage photo processor always rushes to my aid, offering choice of paper, etc…

The pictures themselves aren’t pornographic, but an occasional peekaboo slips through, over, out. The heat wave was a godsend in that respect! Between clients, Clairissa locked the door, peeled her shirt off and stretched out on a faux-fur rug, talking on the phone while I snapped away. Classy, candid, and mine all mine! (Unless Clairissa gives you copies. It’s her bodacious bod…)

I spent way too much money on groceries, but it’s stuff that’ll last for a couple of weeks. I bought what I thought was a smoothie maker; turned out to be a $13 glass that attaches to a blender. I promptly returned it for a refund, and had smooshies instead of smoothies. I had my mouth set for a marionberry shake. (Not to be confused with a Marion Berry milkshake: Olde English 800 and crack served between two voluptuous breasts.) I have too much plain yogurt in stock. It’ll come in handy when I’m broke a week from now.

Heart be still, so much excitement! Time to go to work, where I’m sure it’ll be much quieter…


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