Destination: Procrastination

November 9, 2008 at 12:03 pm (The Easy Chair)

I had the grandest of ambitions this morning. I was going to travel out Barbur to the Original Pancake House and treat myself to apple pancakes and bacon. Got up, showered, dressed, prepped for liftoff. As I sat contemplating the universe, I started watching a football game and something rare of late happened. I got sucked into the game!

The pro football games I’ve seen this year have been uninspiring. Too many injuries to key players. The teams being broadcast are having shitty years. When I saw the Seahawks were the 10 AM game, it hurried me into the shower. Pancakes are sounding better and better. The Seahawks have been poster-children for mediocrity, and that’s being nice. When I saw the opening kickoff go back for a touchdown, their fate seemed sealed.

But wait! The return was nullified by a penalty. I hung in there, and so did the Seahawks. It’s now 14-10, and the Seahawks are rallying. I’ve given up on pancakes, am having frozen pizza for breakfast instead. It’s halfway through the third quarter, and the ‘Hawks are threatening.

Finally, a reason to stay home!


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