*Me* Time

February 15, 2009 at 9:03 pm (On the road again..., The Easy Chair)

Another fine weekend has come and gone.

While uneventful, it was nice to get away from the whole work thing. The public has been wearing thin on me. The friends I want to hang out with are occupied. Seemed opportune to catch up on *me* time.

Highlights? It certainly wasn’t Shaquille O’Neal’s minstrel-in-reverse dance moves during the NBA All-Star introductions, or the game itself. It wasn’t the repeated viewings of the wet-crotched old man being cuffed and stuffed on the opening credits of COPS, or the repeated showings of vandalism at a school up north. Fun would be found away from the TV.

I took a long bus ride through my old neighborhood of the 1990s. Not much had changed, other than a few store fronts. I saw familiar faces. They looked at me, not sure if they were seeing who they thought. (Yeah, it was me.) I kept the tunes loud, the shades on and eyes pointed out the window. I wasn’t looking for conversation.

I pondered Valentine’s Day, and how it has never been a good holiday for me. I didn’t participate this year; why bother? It’s *me* time. I’ll send the love inward.

So it was back to my room, in front of the TV. I watched a couple of slasher movies. I watched W., which pretty much confirmed my opinions about our former president. (Heh. Heh.) It was worthy viewing. After, I watched a documentary on the White House. I’ve had my civics lessons for the next couple of months.

And now? I’m tiring of the COPS marathon, so I’ll dig into the video vault and find a movie, something I’ve been saving for a special occasion. I need a laugh…

Tomorrow, the work week starts. I have projects with Art East; hopefully he’ll be available. Last I saw, he was heading off to the woods to try some cyber-experiment that should either provoke compatibility or answer once and for all the Mac vs. PC question. I’m afraid he may have sucked himself into some sort of vortex.

I’ll let you know what he found out, just as soon as he lands…

1 Comment

  1. Art East said,

    Mac vs. PC>Verdict>Intel Inside’s=Intel Inside’s Outside…=(

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