Yeah, I hear you…

March 22, 2009 at 12:30 pm (The Easy Chair)

Aah, Sunday morning. How you used to be my time for quiet reflection. If not making my way home from Saturday night, I’d be lazing about, contemplating the universe, watching an old movie. Now? It’s worktime. (Pout.) Although I like the new scheduling, (Sunday through Wednesday) I find it hard to get on that ‘Monday morning roll’ I’m so used to. C’mon coffee!

The weekend treated me well. Did all the usual stuff. Well sorta. Friday afternoon didn’t involve a trip to the barbershop, which threw me for a loop. Ms Clairissa is now in San Diego, wandering the countryside in search of Dawn Quixote. I got a message from her the other day; some of her friends managed to find a small amount of cash flung from a car window during a bank robbery escape. I’m guessing beer was easy to come by that night!

A trucker friend was in town for the weekend. We made tentative plans to see Texas Chainsaw Massacre, parts 1 and 2, playing at the Bagdad Saturday night. It sounded fun, but I didn’t get home from Friday night until late Saturday afternoon. (!!) I politely declined, and spent the evening watching another film from the ’70s, Ginger. I saw the preview for it on a trailer compilation, (42nd Street Forever) and it was available on Netflix. Brassy blondes with jet-black pube-fros, a villain that looks like a ‘special’ Judge Reinhold in a dog collar, cringe-inducing race relations and a paper-thin plot. I’d forgotten how in-your-face this country’s racism used to be. (It trumped another dubious sounding choice: Leprechaun 6: Back 2 da Hood.) Fortunately there was lots of nudity to keep my mind off culturally sensitive issues.

The quiet will continue as I trundle off to work. I got an e-mail a little while ago. My friend from Friday night has a daughter, who reported finding a strange MP3 player in the house. I checked, and sure enough, it’s mine. In my haste to make sure all things questionable were packed up and out of sight, I left my portable sanity device. The ride home was pleasant; I’d felt no need to drown people out.

That won’t be the case this afternoon. Sundays are notorious for stupid people riding the bus, and I will be subjected to their inane banter, low-class insults and dimwit political views. The trip home from work is typically not so bad, but I want to be prepared just in case. Friend and daughter have offered to deliver the device to my work. Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!

And now, to conjure up an earworm that won’t drive me to apoplexy as I roll towards Monday morning…

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