The Gods of Timing

April 20, 2009 at 12:40 pm (The Easy Chair)

“Are you feeling okay?”

“What’s the matter, you look sick.”

I was hearing that all night. So what’s the deal?

Simply put, lack of sleep. It’s like a drug…

Before you get visions of a booze-fueled meth run, it wasn’t like that. A combination of ringing phones, shouting brother-in-laws and fascination with Twitter kept my motor running.

I had Thursday, Friday and Saturday off. Thursday was the day of the big Blazer rally. At first I thought of going, but KGW had such up-front coverage that it was hard to pry myself away from the TV. My logic worked well; I arrived downtown as the rally was dispersing. After spending time at my new favorite record store, I meandered over to Voodoo Doughnuts. The line was three people long. By the time I bought two Memphis Mafias? Fifteen people behind me. Thank you, Gods of Timing.

Friday was my hang-around-the-house day. I tidied up a bit, went downtown for a while. As I pondered what to do, a bus heading for my house pulled up, like a sign from above. I jumped on and went home, stopping for ice cream. Some wild Friday, huh?

Saturday was party time. I had plans to watch the Blazer game with a friend, but what to do until then? I kept trying to nap, so I could stay up late. This is where the ringing phones and shouting BILs became noticeable. I thrashed around, but couldn’t sleep. Deciding to go the other direction, I went to my favorite coffee shop and got a four-shot mocha. Power up!

We’d chosen Eat Mobile as a dinner option, spending $5 for charity and getting samples from many food carts. I work near Food Cart Row downtown, and am always tempted to try them, but I rarely eat on the run. (It’s budgetary, and I hate going by myself to dinner. Seems so lonely hearts.) Since I had a buddy and was appropriately caffeinated, foraging dinner through sample-scavenging sounded fun.

It must have sounded fun to a lot of people. Throngs of people were migrating to the entrance. Excuse me, they were thronging to the two-block long line that led to the entrance. Envisioning spending $5 to get a quarter of a spring roll and a forkful of ganoush, I suggested Podnah’s Pit. We normally go there for breakfast, but I had a hankerin’ for meat.

Podnah’s was half-full. Excellent! I ordered pulled pork and brisket, and was surprised at the size of the plate. That’s one meaty mofo! I finished it all, even the honey-soaked cornbread. We ran into a gal I know from work, who was with her husband. Curious eyes watched as we exchanged flirtatious howdies. I had no trouble explaining my situation, but hubby couldn’t wait to get her to the car for interrogation.

The place filled up; this was Plan B for a lot of folks. There was a line out the door by the time we finished. Blessed by the Gods of Timing once again.

Time for the Blazer game. Woohoo! Well, sorta. After the third quarter, all the energy had drained from the room. The highlight of the game was spotting Spinal Tap in the audience. Bed sounded mighty good. Unfortunately, after about two hours, the caffeine reappeared and I was wide awake. Grr… I sat up with a pint of ice cream, trying to get sleepy. I cat-napped, but did not really sleep.

It was a glorious morning, but all I wanted to do was lay in bed. (The “walk of shame” is so much more fun when you can go home and take a nap after.) Unfortunately, my work week started at 3 PM Sunday, so duty called. We went to Flavourspot for Dutch Tacos, then I bid my Blazer Buddy adeiu. Time to make the donuts.

My crankiness subsided as the day wore on. I reflected on the weekend. While not mind-blowingly spectacular, it was good. Much like the Blazers, I think I’d hyped things up in my mind to the point where there was no way I could meet my own expectations.

Next weekend? My Blazer Buddy asked, “Are you seeing Clairissa next weekend?”

How did she know? “Wow, you’ve heard from her?”

“Yes, I got a mass text-message saying she’ll be in town for haircuts next weekend. I figured you’d be down there getting things plucked, shaved, whatever.”

I confessed, “Yeah, we plan to hook up Friday night after she works. I got a private message. Neener neener neener!”

Providing, of course, the Gods of Timing approve.


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