I’m Your Boogey Man

July 6, 2009 at 11:59 am (Cussed Dumbers)

Gotta love instant karma. There’s been a wave of rudeness in the customer service world, with me being on the receiving end. I’ve got thick skin and a ton of patience, but it gets old. I love it when nature helps play a part.

I have allergies. Cat allergies, pollen, etc… It seems I have a perpetual cold. I keep paper towels handy at work, for nasal ‘incidents’ and other quick mop-ups. (Drinks on ice leave a drippy trail, messing with lottery tickets and credit card slips.) I fold up two or three paper towels and set them behind the touch-screen of my cash register. They are not for public consumption.

So imagine my surprise when a pair of young fellows, dressed like cabana boys and acting oh so entitled, came to the register. I was a few steps away, and as I approached one of the fellows asked, “Are cigarettes cheaper across the street?”

Not the quickest way to my heart. I said, “I don’t know, I don’t work across the street.”

His friend, and I’m assuming the friend thinks it’s cute, walks his fingers past my comfort zone behind the register, grabs one of my folded paper towels and begins wiping his face with it. I couldn’t resist.

“Um, I just blew my nose on that.”

He went from tan to green in seconds. “Eww…”

I told him, all daddy-like, “It’s best to ask before taking things, and even smarter when you’re reaching back here. You could get hurt. I once sliced a friend’s thumb open with a box-cutter when he thought it’d be funny to play stick-’em-up.”

Greenie was inspecting the paper towel. His friend asked, “Are there boogers on it?”

Greenie, suddenly overcome with politeness, asked, “May I have one?”

I nodded at the one he was holding. “It’s all yours now.”

Greenie’s friend bought the cigarettes anyway, and winked at me on the way out.

For the record, the only thing on the paper towel was a wet spot from mopping up an ice cube. Just doing my part to educate the young people of America.


  1. Kay Lynn said,

    I love it! I love instant karma; it’s so much more satisfying than the kind you have to wait years upon years for. Finally, justice somewhere! This totally made my day. 🙂

  2. NLBizprido said,

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