The Royal Flush

August 28, 2009 at 6:39 pm (Clairissa, Sweet sticky things, That's not funny...)

Clairissa came by today. It soon became obvious that we need to start catching up more often.

Nemo is No Mo’. She and Clairissa had a parting of the ways.

I was stunned by the news. I figured they’d be together forever, or at least for a long time. Living in a van takes its toll on even the most understanding. Clairissa is tolerant and long-suffering, and Nemo seemed a cool chick. I was rooting for them.

Clairissa, despite being an open book with me, can keep a secret. The best one? That Nemo actually found the nickname Nemo offensive. I had no idea. When coming up with a nickname, I looked at her MySpace page for clues. As I read through her bio, I saw that one of her favorite movies was Finding Nemo. When I first mentioned it, I asked Nemo if it was okay, and she gave a wry smile and said, “Yes, it’s fine.” That was good enough for me, and I ran with it. Come to find out…

Nemo (the girl) is a salt-water aquarium/fish expert. When the movie came out, much like with bunnies at Easter, people flocked to pet stores to get that exact combination of fish. In the real world, it’s an unlikely pairing. When you factor in the whole “fish” thing, and Ellen’s voice, uhh… Not fucking cool, dude. I was oblivious.

Sorry, (real name here.) I thought I was being clever and thoughtful. I meant nothing but kind thoughts and best wishes.

Nemo 2

So, now, we will put Nemo to rest. Clairissa put it best. “I see a little tombstone out in the backyard, with daisies.”

Or, as Nemo herself would have put it, “Rest in pieces.”

Thanks to you for the photo.

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