January 19, 2010 at 12:54 pm (The Easy Chair)

I bought my twelve-year-old niece a waffle iron for Christmas. Think what you want, it was a giant hit. I’ve bought two large bags of pancake/waffle mix, but have yet to partake of the tasty goodness. My odd eating times don’t often mesh with hers. When she’s awake she helps me cook, and we’ve had many an interesting conversation at 3 AM while I put dinner together.

She loves to cook, but doesn’t necessarily eat what she cooks. She’s sort of a vegetarian. (Hates fish, loves fish sticks. Shrimp? “Eww!”) She does like the waffles, and has been feeding the family.

As I looked out the window, I saw something odd on the rose bush. What the…?

She has taken half a waffle, folded it over to look like a pie-slice and impaled it on a twig from the rose bush holding our picket fence up. This should make for interesting wildlife interaction.

Will the squirrel that lives in the tree (Hi Gibby!) get to the peanut butter surprise inside before the crows get it? Will the feral cat that hides under our house figure this out and attack one or both? Or will the scrawny tweaker on the bicycle who rides around shirtless at 3 AM smoking a cigarette decide it’s been enough days without food and take it for a snack?

My money’s on the tweaker, although I’d love to see the feral cat attack him…


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