Freaky Enough

January 23, 2010 at 5:50 pm (The Easy Chair)

Lately I’ve been spending Saturday night at home. It’s a great time to do laundry, and I get quiet time before the work week starts. Tonight’s amusements are hardly serene. After laundry and the Blazer game, it’s macho double-feature movie night.

First up, The Glory Days of Wrestling. Thanks to Netflix, I get to relive an old family tradition. My dad and I bonded over Portland Wrestling. (Sorry folks, just can’t get into the new stuff. And by new stuff, I mean anything after 1983.) I’m curious to see how many faces I recognize, and if any of my local favorites get a n honorable mention. Looking forward to a little Saturday night “turnbuckle treatment.”

Then, as the witching hour approaches, the feature presentation: Tod Browning’s 1932 classic, Freaks. I first saw this film tripping on acid as a double feature with Terror of Tiny Town, an all-midget musical western.

I’m just now getting right again.

There’ll be no chemical enhancements for tonight’s viewing, and nothing stronger to drink than diet root beer. Watching Freaks is freaky enough.

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