Muffin Man vs Wino Man

March 3, 2010 at 1:44 pm (The Easy Chair)

Music Appreciation Friday starts early this week.

Peter Gabriel’s new album was released yesterday. It’s a collection of covers done with a symphony orchestra. While I tend to hate both concepts, I trust Peter Gabriel to entertain me, so I bought the deluxe bonus edition. More on that later.

I buy music from Second Avenue Records whenever possible. They are one of the few old school record stores that still sells records. They have a MASSIVE tee shirt collection for sale, perfect for default birthday gifts. Plus, they’ve got like a zillion CDs, and I can almost always find what I’m looking for.

Even when I didn’t know I was looking for it.

I took a break from work, leaving the store in the hands of Tilly the Hon. I meandered to the record store, smiling and nodding at the neighbors, imparting a stink-eye where necessary. Hispanic hip-hoppers were making a sizable purchase; I waited patiently. As I looked at the CDs in the case, I noticed a sign: “Lots of Neil Young and Frank Zappa. Just ask!”

Did someone say Zappa?

The nice lady who runs the store grabbed my Peter Gabriel disc. “I noticed you have a lot of Zappa. Do you have Zoot Allures?”

“Probably. They’ve cut prices on the Zappa collection. Here!” She pulled a two-foot long box of CDs from a shelf. “Knock yourself out.” She went back to sell more things to the hip-hoppers.

Wow. It was like flipping through my record collection. Thingfish for twenty bucks? I’m coming back for that one. I drank with the Thingfish once, and he did my answering machine recording. People probably still think I’m a racist.

There’s Zoot Allures! Wonderful Wino, Find Her Finer, Friendly Little Finger, The Torture Never Stops. This may be one of my favorite albums ever.

Uh oh. Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart. All together now: “Bongo Fury!” I will be waking the neighbors with a little Carolina Hardcore Ecstasy later tonight…

The last grab? You Are What You Is. Frank was touring behind this album the first time I saw him in concert. The first time I laughed out loud at a show was when they shifted into country/western form and played Harder Than Your Husband. That song gets played whenever anyone lets me near a radio station…

I just finished hearing Charlie’s Enormous Mouth, and now I’m skipping ahead to the religious portion of the program. The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing. TV evangelism was bullshit thirty years ago, and Frank was calling them on it. I’d like to play this album for Pat Robertson. Maybe that fat head of his would explode.

The hardest part of this day will be getting it over with, so I can get back home and rock my socks off. Music Appreciation Friday is going to be a wild one this week…

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