The Tard Shark

July 5, 2010 at 12:20 pm (On the road again...)

It started with a drunken booty call from my ex-wife.

“Hey, whatcha doing?”


“I thought you were off today.”

“I am, usually. Got two employees in the hospital, and another that didn’t show up. I got stuck with it.”

“Damn,” she said. “I was hoping you’d want to go to the beach.”

“I’d love to, but I can’t just split. Do you have a car, or is that on me?” I doubted she’d be calling me if she already had a way.

“The car is on you. Tell ya what, you get the car and I’ll get the motel.”

“Well, I can’t do much until morning, but I can probably rent a car and be out there in the early afternoon…”

Even though I’ve been married to and divorced from my ex for over thirty years, we still get along. My enthusiasm for this rendezvous was tempered by reality. She’s a notorious flake. I *always* have a back-up plan when she’s involved. I’d been wanting to rent a car and go cruising for a long time. She gave me the inspiration to move forward.

As soon as my lunch person arrived, I went to the nearby rental offices. All closed half an hour previous to my arrival. D’oh! I called the ex back and told her I’d investigate online and get back to her in the morning.

The Tard Shark

An online search gave many options. The best offer came from, but there was a catch. You pay in advance, then they tell you which rental agency and what kind of car you get. Hmm… Since I found them by Googling Rent-a-Wreck, I supposed this would work. I pulled out the credit card, cast fate to the wind and pressed the button. For $93 I got use of a midsize car for four days. Score!

I wondered what kind of car they would match me with…


  1. HotCrossedBuns said,

    to be continued?…..

  2. Jeff said,

    When I lived in Portland the second time around, 1990-1995, I would rent from Hertz most of the time @ $99.00 per week plus tax and free insurance as I used a Gold
    First Interstate Bank Check Visa Card that gave me free insurance for 30 days per rental.
    Now some people thought I was nuts for spending about $450.00 per month. However, at that time it was cheaper than buying.
    No money down for a new Ford Thunderbird, with insurance included.
    I just made sure too renew the rental contract before the 30 day insurance window was closed.
    One time Back in 93 I had use of a T-Bird (same car) for six months!
    It worked for me!

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