Now Open!

August 13, 2010 at 2:01 pm (The Easy Chair)

The Blue Room at the KittyCat Club!

Am I cheap, or just painfully frugal? After years of use, it was time to retire the laundry basket. I bought the old one when we moved into the house nine years ago. (I think I paid $2.99.) It has served me well, but collapses into itself whenever I haul anything, so it was time for a replacement. I made the bi-annual run to the evil empire.

Six cats allow me to live with them, and one of their favorite chillin’ spots are laundry baskets full of clean clothes. Since I’m allergic to cats, this will not do, so I keep my stuff segregated and only leave the laundry basket out when the clothes are wet and waiting to be dried. In 90+ dee-gree weather? They love the wet clothes!


This is Neptune, aka CreamCicle, aka a bunch of cuss-words when he’s too nosy. The retirement of the laundry basket must have been a big event in the cat world, because three came to sniff, and Neptune jumped the claim. He hopped inside and immediately began grooming himself in a way many humans are envious of. (Except maybe Marilyn Manson and Uncle Cliffy. But that’s another story.) My disruption of his sanitation activities earned me a dose of the evil eye…



  1. PussNboots said,

    Feline a bit Friskie’s?
    =^v^= meOWWW!!!

  2. godzilla's scaly dick said,

    If you find some rope, you can weave it through the holes to truss the basket’s sides up. Presto, either a re-newed basket, or a dream bed for Kitty.

    Grocery Outlet has had some nice sisal or jute rope for cheap and sometimes the nylon stuff shows up there.

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