Jumping Feet-First Into the 21st Century

September 15, 2010 at 12:30 pm (The Easy Chair)

I have a new toy.

Art East is the all-knowing tech guy at work. He’s managed to parlay a lowly cashiering job into a full-time tech gig. (Master P’s operating systems date back to at least 1999. We found a piece of old receipt in a printer.) Through home study and hands-on experience, he’s become quite proficient at troubleshooting. He’s become ‘that guy’ who gets the desperate midnight calls when something freezes, crashes, or bursts into flames. (All have happened on his watch.) It’s his hobby as well as his profession, and we are lucky to have him.

In the process of getting hands-on experience, he’s been refurbishing old machines for the poor and less fortunate. That would be a lot of Master P’s employees. Dr T has been using the library computers with great success for years, but Art decided he needed to be brought up to speed with the rest of the world. In the process, I got lucky as well.

Dr T and I got messages to come to Master P’s office when the lunch person arrived for my break. Dr T killed time by slamming Jamesons and chatting up hotties at the local watering hole. I worked. When lunchtime came, we moseyed over to the store headquarters, up atop Sweet Potato Mountain. Art wasn’t answering his phone, so we hillbilly-called up to the office. Art and Master P were having a confab, and Master P decided he’d be better off not knowing, so he left us to our devices.

On the table were two laptops. Dr T’s was bigger. (I’m sure I’ll hear about *that* at work today…) Art had changed the Microsoft alerts to Laurence Olivier shouting Shakespeare, and given the desktop a rustic, 16th century look. Very niiiice…

The other? A small Acer netbook. Art has one, and I’d had a case of the envies from Day One. It inspired me to get a credit card. A friend’s daughter has one. It can fit unnoticed into my backpack, and now I don’t have to wait on queue at the liberry for the “Road Warriors” to finish e-mailing home for money. I’m quickly learning how to piggyback wi-fi signals, although Art tells me that’s the cyber equivalent of patronizing a glory hole.

I’m being careful…

I’m excited to be able to listen to podcasts without a five-hour download time. I can Skype! I can blog from the road. (I plan on doing that very soon.) It has a webcam, which means I can get into more trouble than I can imagine. But I won’t, because I’m old and cautious.

Most of the time…


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  1. ArtEast said,

    Excellent read, 2 thumbs up!!! Would recommend, will read again!! A+++++++++++

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